All applicants who applied for the 2022 Section 8 waiting list lottery were sent an email at the email address used to submit the application to let them know if they were selected or not to be placed on the Section 8 waiting list. Applicants may also log into their Applicant Portal account to view their status by December 1, 2022. Waiting list lottery results are final and there are no appeals. Please view the FAQs for instructions for applicants who were selected for the waiting list and next steps, or for other housing resources that are available.

Applicants who were selected to be placed on the official Section 8 waiting list who need to update their contact information will need to register with MyHousing, a free online service offered by HACLA. HACLA will mail you additional instructions on how to register and update your contact information and will use MyHousing to provide you with any updates, including but not limited, to your eligibility interview. Please contact contact HACLA at (833) HACLA-4-U or (833) 422-5248 for additional assistance.

As funding is available, HACLA will reach out to families who reached the top of the Section 8 Waiting List for an eligibility interview to receive housing assistance. The waiting time to be scheduled for an interview could be from several months for people who are placed at the top of the list by the random lottery and up to 10 years for people who are placed at the end of the list by the random lottery. The last wait list lottery was held in 2017, which means all families in the existing wait list, including those at the end of the list, will have been contacted in just over 5 years since they were placed on it in the last lottery.